How to Stay Warm While Saving Money this Winter

It’s that time of year again where the temperature steadily drops as the heat bill peaks. Ontario’s winters can be a bit unforgiving but we are here to offer you some easy and affordable solutions.

Let’s get back to basics…

If you are working with a small budget this winter, here are some low-cost options to keep things comfy.

  • Powerful, Warm & Free

Let the light in, friends. On a sunny day, keep curtains and blinds drawn. When the sun goes down, make sure to close them up again to keep that heat in.

  • Layer Up 

If you add a layer or two to your normal indoor wear, you don’t need to crank up the heat so much. And besides, it’s much cozier with long layers, slippers and blankets this time of year.

  • Let’s Make a Plan!

With the exception of pet parents, consider setting the thermostat to a low temperature when you are out of the house.

  • Unobstructed Passages

It might seem wise to seal off any vents pushing air to parts of your home that are unoccupied. However, when air is unable to circulate, your heater works harder to warm up the space. Therefore, you end up paying more on your bill. Ensure all of your vents are open to avoid these additional charges.

  • Move Larger Furniture

Large furniture such as couches or recliners can pose as a block for warm air when positioned in front of radiators or vents. If you move these pieces, your space will warm up a lot more quickly.

  • Switch Your Ceiling Fan’s Direction

Little known fact: ceiling fans, although well-known for circulating cold air, can keep heat circulating too. Just reverse their direction and you’re good to go!

  • Window Insulators

Very affordable and easy to install, window insulators will keep cold air out. When the warm weather rolls around, you can easily peel them back off again.

What are your recommendations for keeping your place warm for cheap through the winter?

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