Exclusive: Cody Coyote’s Latest Single “With You”

One of our favourite hip-hop artists, Cody Coyote lowers the tempo with this slow jam about love, appropriately released on February 14th. This tune pays homage to a special romance and all of the precious time spent together, even at a distance. We were lucky to get some insight from Cody Coyote on what inspired this tune:

My newest release “With You” is the first sneak peak of what to expect from my new full length album “Ma’iinganag” that is set to drop in summer 2019. The lyrics for “With You” describe the connection between two people who live a far distance away from each other but are willing to conquer any measure to be with one another. With this song’s release date being Valentines Day, I hope to spread love to everyone who listens to it and to celebrate the connections that people can feel with each other.

-Cody Coyote

Check out the lyric video here. Visit Cody’s website here.

We are fortunate to have Cody Coyote on our team, hosting the Evening Show on our Ottawa station, 95.7 ELMNT FM. Tune in here or on the Radio Player Canada App from 7:00pm-11:00pm weeknights and Sunday mornings from 6:00am-10:00pm.

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