The Urban Harvest: Gardening in Ottawa

Stoked for warmer weather? You may not believe us, but it’s the perfect time to get ready for the garden! Whether you’re living with a backyard or a balcony setup, there is plenty you can do to be ahead of the curve and amp yourself up for the spring and summer. Plus, it’s another great reason to get outside and back to nature!

What You Can Do Now:

-Pick out your seeds and bulbs. We’ve even included a list of what’s good for spring below!


-Map out your garden. Check out The Spruce’s top free garden planners here.


-Prepare the space by cleaning up your garden area, removing any pests and weeding out any dead plants or weeds.


-Prepare your tools, pots and garden containers. Give the containers a good cleaning and don’t forget to sharpen your tools!





Now it’s time to choose your plants! Some things take longer to grow and do better in a spring climate. The following will do well in spring:


What Flowers to Plant in Spring




-Morning Glories







What Vegetables & Fruits to Plant in Spring












Once you’ve chosen your garden layout and plants, it’s time to pick them up. Here are some of the best garden centres and supply stores in the Ottawa area.  


Where to Find Garden Supplies in Ottawa 


How are you preparing for the garden season? What would you bring to this list? Weigh in below! 

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