Concert Pet Peeves

I went to a concert the other night and unfortunately learned of a new and very, very real pet peeve I have at live shows. A person with very long hair was whipping it back and forth, head-banging and thrashing a tonne. What made this a lot to take in was the music genre – experimental & instrumental. It was a huge distraction and it really got under my skin. I never want to put out anyone else’s flame, but I think this person was sorta doing that for everyone else. But I digress! We’ve been compiling our top concert pet peeves this week at ELMNT. Here are some of the ones we unpacked:

  • Blocking the view

This isn’t always something that can change, but if you have the chance to make someone else’s experience a bit more memorable, try to move over a little so they can see or don’t stand up if the whole crowd is seated. I’m speaking as a short person here. It’s been rough!

  • Artists showing up late for the show or leaving early

Unless there is a refund involved, it’s quite a shame to pay full price for half the show. I once went to a rap show and my guess is the artist wasn’t totally feeling the crowd, because he left pretty early, saying he was temporarily blinded by the stage lighting after performing for maybe 20-30 minutes.

  • Talking during the set

When seeing an artist perform, especially if you’re up close, try to make sure you are giving them your undivided. And not just for you, but for the superfans around you who are up front for a good reason! If you want to socialize, wait for the song to end or find a comfortable spot in the back of the venue. Some artists will kick out chatty folks if they are taking away from the show.

  • Phone Ettiquette

Try to read the room with this one. I would just assume that you should keep the phone in your pocket as much as possible unless the whole crowd has theirs out.

  • Photo Etiquette

If taking photos or videos, keep it short and sweet. And keep that screen brightness down! It really brightens up a dark room and takes away from other peoples experiences.

What did we miss? Comment below with your concert pet peeves!

-Jill Kennedy


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