Anonymous donor will match up to twenty thousand dollars at the Parkdale Food Centre

The Parkdale Food Centre says there is an extra reason to give this Giving Tuesday. An anonymous donor will match up to $20,000 worth of donations. 

“It’s exciting to have this donation,” says Parkdale’s Food Rescue Coordinator Kori Liversage. “We’re excited.” 

Liversage says she’s hopeful the matching will encourage people to donate on Giving Tuesday, a national day that follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Entering its 7th year, Giving Tuesday looks to ignite the spirit of giving with the same enthusiasm the massive back-to-back sales draw. 

Liversage says a small donation can go a long way this year with Parkdale in place to get $40,000 worth of donations in just one day. 

Fresh food comes at a cost 

The Parkdale Food Centre is unique, it looks like a grocery store with an emphasis on fresh and wholesome foods. Liversage says they run up a tab of $18,000-$20,000 per month in fresh produce. 

But the cost is worth it, she says. Doctors can write a prescription to the food centre for patients who are malnourished. People accessing the centre can also enjoy a meal while they collect fresh food.  

In her role as Food Rescue Coordinator, Liversage says she works with other food banks and community centres to ensure wholesome food is a cornerstone. The Parkdale Food Centre may be unique now, but she is working to make sure that isn’t the case in a few years.  

Donations can be made over the phone or online but Liversage encourages anyone who can’t afford to donate this year to visit the centre and meet the staff.  

“Parkdale is a community hub.” 


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