New Ottawa-based dating app “Wandure” challenges common online dating setbacks

Tired of Tinder? Bored of Bumble? There’s a new dating app in town that challenges its users to get out and meet people before the inevitable ghosting happens. 

Ottawa-based app Wandure will put you and your potential love interests to the test in an attempt to try and avoid some of the common setbacks of online dating apps — which are mostly that the dates don’t end up happening. 

Wandure will actually organize your matches and go ahead and schedule a date for you based on your personal interests,when you have free time as well as how much you’ve budgeted for a date.  

Their slogan is “One Match = One Date” so you might not want to get too hasty in your matches or you could be a bit overwhelmed. That said, this will allow you to avoid all of that texting back and forth to try and find a time that works for both of you and instead, jump right into your date.

What is super interesting about this is it didn’t start out as a dating app – it actually started as an app for tourists in our city that suggested different adventures and ways to explore. But when people started flocking to it to try and find dates, founders Ali Kazal and Ismail Bembarek decided to wander away from their original plan so to speak and try to switch things up with a dating focus.  

Even more cool but also nerve wracking is that the date location is a mystery to you until 24 hours before the date – you can’t message your date up until that point too – I’m not sure I could do it – could you? 

Have you tried or would you try using the Wandure app? And what are some problems you find with dating apps or even methods of meeting new people in our city these days? Comment below!

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