Your Four-Legged Friends Can Have Their Own Curated Playlist with Pets by Spotify

Have you ever left the radio on or pulled up a Youtube playlist when heading out for the day to tide your four-legged friends over? How about singing to them? Even if you feel like a silly human for doing it, most animals seem pretty jazzed when they hear a tune sung by their pet parents. 

I’ve got two cats at home and I love to leave music on for them – usually classical or instrumental soundtracks to Disney or Studio Ghibli movies. It helped one of my cats get over an anxiety struggle too, so I swear by it! 

But when I get home, I don’t want to stop the tunes and I also don’t want to keep listening to classical music. On the flip, my cats probably don’t love everything I play. 

So Spotify brilliantly solved this music power struggle by creating a Pets playlist option!

It’s pretty simple:

  • First, you choose the type of pet you have from the following list: dog, cat, bird, iguana or hamster – sorry snakes, no tunes for you!! 
  • Once you’ve chosen your pet, you can rate their behaviours and temperaments – like how curious, how friendly and how energetic they are. 
  • From there, Spotify will put together a playlist based on their personality along with your listening habits so you and your four-legged pal can meet in the middle and enjoy some tunes.  

What I especially love about these playlists is that they’ve added varied artists in there that aren’t part of your music library, so it’s a nice way to explore new music while also enjoying some old favourites.  

You can get your own curated playlist for your pets here.

What songs would make it onto your pet’s playlist? Comment below!

Here are my cats, Cheddar & Biscuit listening to their new playlist which includes the likes of Basia Bulat, Ralph & The Cure:

Two cats listening to their Spotify playlist.

Cheddar & Biscuit enjoying their new playlist.

-Jill Kennedy

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