Some Ideas to Curb those Winter Blues

If you’re having a tough start to the week, Blue Monday is today. But Blue Monday might not be what it seems – it was initially created as a marketing strategy by travel companies with the idea being that people would look to escape the colder months if they thought Blue Monday was a commonly experienced sad time. 

The travel companies weren’t totally off though – this time of year is historically quite sad. The early months of the year can be sad in countries with a colder climate. And January especially can be tough, coming off of the upbeat (and often high-stress holidays) and moving into what feel like much longer and much greyer days.  

In fact, in our own city, we’ve only experienced 23 hours of sunlight since the beginning of the decade – that’s 20 days!

I personally find this time of year can be a bit hard so I wanted to put together some tips and tricks to help make these winter blues feel like less of a burden:

❄️ Start a gratefulness journal and write down a minimum of one thing you are grateful for each day.

✨Reignite the love of an old hobby or passion project or begin one that can be done indoors.

 ❄️Exercise for 30 minutes – even a short walk will get the blood flowing which is great for your mental health. 

✨Talk to your loved ones about how you’re feeling as they could be a great listening ear or could even be experiencing the winter blues too. 

❄️ Schedule a weekly meet up with friends or loved ones to play board games or watch sports – it’s something to look forward to on a regular basis!

✨Give yourself 30 minutes a day all for you – take a bath, read a book, watch a guilty pleasure TV show – whatever works for you.

What are your tips for staying afloat amidst the winter blues? Comment below! 

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