Iskwē is Coming to Ottawa this Weekend

Coming off of two Juno nominations this week, Iskwē returns to Ottawa with a spectacular triad of singing, dancing and visual arts this Saturday, February 1st at the National Arts Centre. The show aims to bring the individuals attending into a collective as it goes on, and while it unpacks some harder subject matter, it is meant to teach the audience so we can all grow together.

Those attending will get a chance to hear tunes from Iskwē’s latest album, Acākosik (pronounced acha-ko-suk), which translates to “the stars” in English. Acākosik is an eclectic collection of songs with themes of rebirth, grief and cultural rediscovery.

Our afternoon host, Jill Kennedy had a chance to chat with Iskwē about the new album, the balance artists strive to strike of vulnerability and confidence and what we can look forward to at her show.

You can hear it here:

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