Maintaining a Healthy Routine When Routine Feels Impossible

As we practice self isolation and social distancing from out of our homes, it’s easy for routines to melt away. In order to protect your well-being, there are several strategies and ideas to maintain a routine or even create a new one!

  • Regulate your sleeping 

Get in and out of bed at the same time everyday to maintain consistency.

  • Regulate meals

Eating healthy meals at the same time everyday will put your body into a routine.

  • Drink water

You should drink about eight glasses of water per day, which is equal to around two litres. This will keep you hydrated and flush out toxins in your body.

  • Get your blood flowing

Whether you watch at-home workout videos, use your home gym equipment, play an interactive video game that requires movement like Just Dance or go on a walk outdoors (while practicing social distancing), the most important thing is you get the blood flowing with exercise.

  • Practice breathing

Focusing on your breath for a few minutes a day is a great way to both ground and calm the mind. There are several great methods and apps out there. These include:

  1. The 4-7-8 Method
  2. Headspace
  3. Guided meditation videos on sites like Youtube
  4. Guided meditation audio clips on streaming services like Spotify
  • Tap into creative projects

If you’ve been putting off a project like writing, designing or making music as examples, now is the perfect time to really hone in on your creativity.

  • Enjoy movies, television, music & books 

Maybe you’ve been yearning to watch a show or read a series of books. Or put on your favourite record and dance it out. Now is the time. And as a side note, comedic movies and television are a great way to ease the mind!

  • Look at the news for a limited time a day

Sometimes the news can be overwhelming. Limit your time spent scrolling or tuning into the news to an amount that works for you so you can focus on the aforementioned things and live a healthy, balanced lifestyle in the interim.

  • Create a schedule

Incorporating all of the above into a timed out schedule will help you stay on track. You can use your phone’s calendar app or possibly even alarms to keep you on task. It might seem silly now, but if you have any anxiety around the state of things, this could help to ease your mind.

What have you incorporated into your self care routine in light of the need to self-isolate and social distance? Comment below. 


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