Here are the stores working to flatten the curve

As we continue to adapt to social distancing and efforts to flatten the curve, essential services are working to make sure vulnerable populations are supported. Public health officials say senior residents and those who are immunocompromised are in high risk categories when it comes to Covid-19.

Not everyone has access to services like delivered groceries and others may view grocery shopping as a welcome chance to get out of the house.

Your Independent Grocer is offering an exclusive shopping hour for senior and immunocompromised individuals every morning from 7-8. It will open to the general public after. Other stores have also followed suit with similar hours in place.

Zero waste grocery store NU Grocery posted a video with social distancing guidelines for shoppers.

Here are the stores offering exclusive shopping hours:

· Shoppers Drug Marts

· Ross’ at Strandherd Drive

· Moncion’s on River Road

· McDaniel’s at Grant Carmon Drive

· McDonough’s on Beaverwood Drive

· Hess’ on Montreal Road

· Patrice’s in Almonte

· Brown in Stittsville

· Asselin’s at Cameron Street

· Parent on Laurier Street

· King’s on Perth Street

· Massine’s on Bank Street

· Riley’s at Billings Bridge Shopping Centre

· Wilson’s on Alta Vista Drive

The stores stress this will only work if we respect these hours and head on our grocery runs after

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