Stay Home Club with Jill Kennedy: April 6-12

How’s it going? Things have really slowed down so much in the capital.

This week I’ve been figuring out how I can minimize my time out entirely by figuring out which shops offer delivery or curb side pickup. That said, I still get out for a walk when I can! Over the weekend, I cleaned off my balcony for the warmer weather and set up a table and chairs. I’m thankful to have a little space outdoors to call my own, listen to some nice tunes and have a meal. Besides balcony life, I’ve been keeping busy with a tonne of movies, music and more. I break it down below in this week’s Stay Home Club!


  • Fleabag – AKA the anti-hero to get tangled up with right now:

This week, I marathoned the stage-to-screen Emmy award winning television show, Fleabag. It’s the masterpiece of Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who stars in the show as a character only known as Fleabag. The character is coping with a lot of trauma but it can be quite difficult to get behind her decisions. She makes a great anti-hero which makes it an interesting watch for viewers. This was a great time spend as it only consists of 2 seasons and 12 episodes, each around 25 minutes.

A foray into thrillers:

I took it back old school this week with a deep dive into the thrillers Night of the Hunter (1955) and Rear Window (1954). These classic films by respective directors Charles Laughton and Alfred Hitchcock paved the way for the thriller genre.


  • Rina Sawayama 

Rina went against the grain of her charged up pop hits and wrote a ballad! It’s called “Chosen Family” and it’s all about going through the same thing, regardless of your relation – very timely, right?

  • M. Ward

If you love some sad folk and blues-y tunes, M. Ward is the guy! He put out a brand new album, Migration Stories this week that has been a sombre soundtrack to my days.

  • Zoon

I was very excited to learn that Indigenous artist, Zoon brought us a brand new post-rock tune called “Help Me Understand.” It’s got Explosions in the Sky meets My Bloody Valentine vibes.

  • Born Ruffians

Canadian indie trio, Born Ruffians dropped an album called JUICE, and it has the regular kooky air one would anticipate in a BR album. It’s the kind of fun and strange blend of hopeful springtime indie I’ve been look forward to as things warm up.

  • Evidence

Hip hop lovers can get excited because Evidence dropped a new track called “Unlearning” and in short – it’s a vibe with a solid message about correcting your thinking over time!

Spending Time:

  • Puzzles

This week I’ve been plugging away at a 750 piece puzzle featuring – you guessed it – cats! And candy. It’s cats in a candy shop, which is probably not super sanitary but I appreciate the sentiment. I picked up a few more puzzles to pass the time too, but they feature pixelated city scapes. I’ll report back on those soon!




  • Drawful 

This week I caught up with my high school pals and learned that you can connect over Skype with your friends and play Drawful, a quirky online game. You are given an oddly specific prompt to draw at the start of the round. Everyone completes their drawings and then one-by-one they are presented to the other players. Each player has to come up with their own prompt for each drawing. The prompts are then presented to the group and everyone has to choose which one they think is correct, trying to differentiate the guessed prompts versus the real ones. This makes it pretty hilarious and sometimes really challenging to guess. There is also a bonus round where you vote for your favourite prompt. Whoever guesses the most correctly wins.

That’s my #StayHomeClub for this week. What’s been keeping you busy?

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