The Weirdest Celebrity Posts from Quarantine

Like the rest of us, celebrities have been social distancing and staying home for the past month. And just like everyone else, they are getting bored too. Naturally, being artists and entertainers, they found ways to drum up some excitement by posting interesting videos of themselves on the internet.

It started out as a bit of fun – using their ability to reach millions to post simple hand-washing videos and PSAs about the importance of hygiene during a global pandemic. However, as the days went on, the videos became increasingly wild, weird and, oddly enough, entertaining. Here is a list of some of our favourites.


Madonna is no stranger to weird antics. But nothing could be stranger than sitting in a bathtub full of rose petals, delivering a soliloquy. In another video, she’s singing her hit song, Vogue, using a hairbrush as a microphone and dancing in her bathroom.

Cardi B

Cardi B reaches a new level of boredom. Appearing to be playing an innocent game of Jenga, she suddenly runs towards it and knocks it over for no apparent reason. Her Instagram page is saturated with videos of herself ranting about the coronavirus situation. From criticizing other celebrities for getting tested for the virus who have little to no symptoms, to demanding the White House provide universal healthcare during this pandemic. She’s finding one way to pass the time. 

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Day 3

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January Jones

January Jones took a different approach to house chores. In an Instagram video she posted, Jones appears to be sweeping the floors, broom in hand and wearing a Venetian mask. Could a video be more random? Yes, it can. In another post, Jones is supporting an LED facial mask, sipping a Coors Light and doing a strange dance. Conclusion: January Jones is a fan of masks. 

Gal Gadot

If you haven’t watched Gal Gadot’s famous friends singing John Lenon’s ‘Imagine’, you’re missing out. Cringe or touching? You be the judge.  

Ellen Degeneres

Ellen is perhaps more bored than all of us, because she’s been posting videos of herself calling her friends, asking what they’re up to and posting those conversations on social media. The only difference is that her friends are all famous.  

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Schwarzenegger posted a video reminding everyone just how important it is to stay indoors and keep social distancing. Sounds simple enough, right? But he did it while feeding carrots to a pony and donkey.

Sam Neill & Hugo Weaving

The most unexpected duo, Sam Neil and Hugo Weaving showed us how to have fun and while social distancing. The pair appear to strip in a bathtub in this hilarious skit.  

If there’s a funny, random celebrity video we’ve missed, post a link to it in the comment section and let’s keep this thread going!

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