Carleton University professor breaks down emergency benefits

The world of personal finances and government aid can be clear as mud at the best of times. COVID-19’s breakneck speed has left governments mobilizing to adapt.  

The federal government has introduced the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) and the Canada Emergency Business Account to help Canadians keep food on the table while self-isolating at home while Canada faces a looming recession. 

Figuring out the benefits can be confusing: some have never accessed these resources before while others are trying to figure out if they qualify. 

Dr. Jennifer Robson, an associate professor at Carleton University, has created a plain language guide to help you figure out what benefits best fit your financial situation. 

Dr. Robson has been updating her free document in tandem with changes made by the federal government to those benefits. Her most recent update includes the information you’re looking for on the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy.  

Dr. Robson also breaks down the difference between Employment Insurance and the CERB and has a section dedicated to resources for students. 

You can access the document here 

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