National Capital Commission looking for feedback on Queen Elizabeth Driveway pilot

The National Capital Commission is asking anyone who made use of the Queen Elizabeth Driveway pilot to fill out a survey.

Queen Elizabeth Driveway is closed to traffic at Laurier and Fifth Avenues between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. until April 26th. This frees up room for the driveway to be used like the NCC’s other multi-use pathways.

Vehicles can still get across the driveway through the Pretoria Bridge.

The pilot comes after residents and urban councilors said physical distancing was challenging without enough room on sidewalks. After a month of preventative measures against COVID-19 in place, there is worry about people getting antsy.

The National Capital Commission says the pilot is not a travel destination for people in the city, the NCC says it should only be used by residents who live nearby.

You can fill out the survey here.

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