How you can mark Earth Week from home

Each Earth Week asks us to change our daily habits so we can create a healthier Earth for us all. This year asks us to make these changes for a brighter future. 

A brighter future holds extra meaning worldwide with most of us now a month into self-isolation and physical distancing. Earth Week may a subdued affair this year, but you can keep your carbon footprint low while you mark the occasion from home.  

Host a Netflix party: There are a ton of great documentaries looking at the impact of climate change around the world. Oscar nominated actor Ellen Page returns to Nova Scotia to look at the impact of environmental racism in There’s Something in the Water. You can watch it on Netflix. 

Learn about Indigenous Climate Action: Take a few minutes to learn more about work being done to support Indigenous led climate activism. Indigenous Climate Action is hosting a quick live-stream Wednesday. You can virtually meet staff and learn about their work. Catch the livestream on Facebook 

Get outside: As the hashtag goes, nature isn’t cancelled so why not treat yourself to some fresh air? If you’re based in Ottawa, this could be one of the last snowfalls of the season,  


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