Best Quarantine Board Games for Few Players

Calling all my board game lovers – with all this self-isolation, now is the time to rope your loved ones in to hours and hours of fun and strategy. We break down some of our favourite board games that work well for smaller groups of players!

Tiny Towns is a strategic game where you have to build as many buildings as you can in a confined 4×4 space using five resources. The catch is, whoever’s turn it is will choose the resource all players have to place in their towns on that turn so you can really mess your competitors up! What is especially fun about this game is that it offers a solo mode which is a great way to become a Tiny Towns expert before showing it to your loved ones. It’s also a fun way to spend time if you are self-isolating alone!

Sushi Go Party is a pick and pass card game where you try to gain points by collecting certain cards to create combos based on the sushi menu you and the other players choose. This game gives you the option to play with 2 to 8 people as well, making it perfect for small to large families. There are three rounds to each game so it can be played quite quickly but chances are, you’ll want to start another round soon after!

Ticket to Ride is a turn based strategy game that involves building train routes across a map. Each player starts by drawing train routes that they need to build by the end of the game to earn points. For every incomplete route, players lose points. You can play with just two people, which makes building possibilities feel more endless. If you like building or transportation simulators, this is a tangible way to play.


If you love getting lost in adventure but want a break from video games, Robinson Crusoe is the perfect board game. You’ll play as shipwreck survivors who have to face many different decisions and tasks like foraging for food, building a shelter, dealing with difficult weather and so much more. While it is a collaborative game, you can play it solo or with up to four players!

Settlers of Catan is a resource management strategy game. Players try to gain victory points by developing their settlements by building cities, roads and more through trade and a strategic plan. The first to ten points wins. While most of the versions and expansions suits 3-4 players, they do have a two-player option available as well.

Scrabble is a word game where players work with seven letter tiles to create words. The catch is they have to connect to previous words laid out by the other players. It’s a classic, but perfect for time spent in with 2-4 other people!

Pandemic is a collaborative game where players try to find cures for four diseases across the world. For each turn you take, more infections happen. Each round of the game takes roughly 45 minutes and up to 8 people can play. And if you want to get more friends or loved ones in on the game, it’s available on several platforms.



These are just some of the amazing games on offer to check out while we self-isolate. What games have you been playing lately? Drop a comment below!

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