Stay Home Club with Jill Kennedy: April 27-May 3

Hey! For many of us, it’s been seven weeks of this social distancing thing. How are you feeling? This week I realized I’ve lost all form of routine outside of my work schedule. How are your routines going? Everyday looks a little different for me and I’m trying not to judge myself too harshly! I will say I’ve come up with some wild fashion choices with all this time at home, but I won’t subject you to those!

When I’m not judging my outfits in the mirror in my spare time, I’ve been rediscovering a lot of past interests from board games that were collecting dust to TV shows I watched nearly a decade ago. Check it out below in this week’s Stay Home Club!


  • Sex and the City

This week I’ve been binge-watching Sex and the City on Crave. It’s one of those perfect binge-able shows because the episodes are under 30 minutes each and the stories weave together so nicely that it’s so easy to get consumed. While some aspects of the show have not aged well, I think the flow of the show and the characters are worth watching. It’s also paved the way for a lot of other shows to make bold moves so I appreciate it on that level as well!

As a side note, it also got me thinking a lot about how relationships and how I doubt these four ladies would get along in the modern day!


  • Thom Yorke

For the first time in 2020 –Thom Yorke dropped a new song called Plasticine Figures and while his solo stuff is normally very deeply electronic, prog-y and experimental, this track is reminiscent of earlier eras of Radiohead. As a big time fan of Thom and Radiohead, this was exactly what I needed! Plasticine Figures debuted on Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night and Thom performed it in social isolation on his piano. You can check it out below! And for lyric lovers – Thom even posted the lyrics on his Instagram.

And if you are looking for some live streams check out our weekly live-stream guide here.

[Spending Time]

This week I played Ticket to Ride with my partner. It’s an old favourite and a nice way to spend the day! Ticket to Ride is a turn-based strategy game for 2-5 players that involves building train routes across a map. Each player starts by drawing specific train routes that they need to build by the end of the game to earn points. For every incomplete route, players lose points. You can play with just two people, which makes building possibilities feel more endless. If you like building or transportation simulators, this is a tangible way to play. It’s also the perfect social isolation board game.

Speaking of, if you want to learn about some more board games I’d recommend, I’ve put together a list of games ideal for 1 person or more here.


  • HeadScratchers Trivia

My friends and I tuned into a round of HeadScratchers Trivia this week. Every Tuesday at 7:15 pm, players download a booklet of questions from the HeadScratchers website and then tune into a live video chat on Instagram. The host posts 35 questions in five different categories. He played songs, showed photos and read lyrics along with multiple choice and standard trivia-style questions. It was a lot of fun! The top teams even won prizes. I learned I really need to step up my trivia game!

You can play the game on Tuesdays here.

What’s taking place in your Stay Home Club these days? Drop a comment below!

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