Weekly round-up: May 1st

Happy Friday everyone! Did you know two separate trackers are reporting over a million recoveries from COVID-19 worldwide? That’s a testament to our healthcare workers and our own dedication to physical distancing. Earlier this week Premier Ford said you have played one of the biggest roles in the progress we’re experiencing in the province. I have news and some pop culture recommendations for you this weekend.  

The National Capital Commission has extended its Queen Elizabeth Driveway pilot for another two weeks. That will be in place until May 10 

The provincial government has launched a new website to support businesses through the pandemic. There is a portal for businesses to request temporary regulatory changes.  

The Canadian Tulip Festival will kick off next week, but the National Capital Commission is asking you stay home. You can spot the tulips on their social media or newly launched YouTube channel 

Elsewhere, ELMNT chatted with playwright Drew Hayden Taylor who is up for a Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal.  

What to watch, listen to, read and eat this weekend 

Watch: I typically love a good show recommendation but today I’m going to offer up a movie I enjoyed. Brittany Runs a Marathon is an uplifting comedy about a young woman who takes up running as a way to get her life back on track. The cast is great, and I think the movie gives a realistic portrayal of how tough it can feel when you experience a plateau. I loved the message the smallest steps we take can make the biggest changes in our lives. 

Listen: Check out the National Arts Centre’s livestream. You can catch different artists throughout the day. This weekend you can tune into Moonfruits and Raymond Yakeleya.  

Read: Sunday is World Press Freedom Day and I would argue good journalism is needed today more than ever. This weekend would be a great time to get to know your local journalists and give a new publication a try. 

Eat: If you live within five kilometres of Das Lokal, you can get schnitzel and spatzle to your door. You can order food from the restaurant from Love Local Delivery from Wednesday to Sunday.  

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