10 Brain Teasers that will Challenge your Mental Sharpness

It’s pretty easy to let your entire day become consumed by technology. Whether it’s binge-watching Tiger King or spending hours scrolling through social media, you may not realize just how much time you’re aimlessly spending on the world wide web.

We know that it takes a little more than just self-control to put down our devices and cut screen time. That’s why we’re not here to tell you to stop using technology. Instead, we want you to start flexing…the brain. Why not use the time you spend on the internet to give your brain cells a little of an exercise? And brain teasers are the perfect way to do just that!

Here are a few brain teasers that have been circulating the internet. Give them a go and see how many you can get right! The answers are at the very bottom. Before you end up taking a quick peek at the answers, try to get through as many as you can on your own! And remember, have fun! That’s what it’s all about! It’s also a fun activity to share with your family and friends.



Got a case of the green thumbs? Give this one a go.





Missing Sports? Try this workout instead.





Easy as 1 2 3?





If you’re good with words try and solve these riddles. 









Have an eye for detail? Artist Gergely Dudas creates whimsical illustrations that contain hidden details. You may remember him from the ‘Can you find a panda’ post that went viral a few years ago. Well, he’s got lots more!




Can you find the hidden bee in this picture?




Can you find the heart among the sea of flamingos?




Can you spot seven differences in these two pictures?






This is another brain teaser that’s been circulating on social media. Time to gather your wits about you and see if you make it out!

A hospital has 16 isolation rooms. Each room has a patient with a different illness. Patient in room 13 recovers and wants to say goodbye to each patient. He can only visit each patient once. If he visits a patient twice, he becomes ill again. How does he do this and exit from room 4?







































































Brain Teaser Answers

Since the trees can’t be planted in parallel rows, some rows will have to intersect each other, creating a five-pointed star figure.


The football has 7 lines instead of 6, the soccer ball has 9 visible hexagons instead of 10.


It’s a crucial detail, but an easy one to miss!



It seems so obvious now, doesn’t it?

It’s so tiny, but there it is!

This one was pretty difficult to find!

How many did you get?



The statement doesn’t say anything about the patient going back into their own room. And they can’t get ill from being in a room they were already in.



We hope you enjoyed trying to solve these brain teasers. Comment down below and let us know how many you got right!


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