Pandemic Poetry Keeps the Office Staff Laughing

Some people say they like to sing in the shower, but for Rachel Seguin, the shower is where she finds her inspiration for writing poetry.

“I’ve always written poetry, and this sounds strange, but one morning several weeks ago when I was in the shower this poem started coming to me,” says Seguin, Ontario Native Women’s Association (ONWA) Community Services Coordinator.

“I jumped out of the shower, typed out the poem, and thought I’d share it with my colleagues at work.”


“Working from home, I sent out a note saying, ‘I was thinking about you in the shower this morning,’ which got everyone’s attention. Then I sent out the poem.”

The poem was such a hit that Sequin decided to keep writing them at least for the duration of the pandemic.

Here are two of her poems that she’s now sharing with the rest of us.


Dear Covid …

You came in slow and sneaky with a cough and a fever high You made us sick and took too many and still the cases continue to rise

But what you did I’m not sure you know; you have actually made us safe We’ve pulled together and help others out, in the midst of your devilish wake

You are actually a really good teacher; you have taught us what we can live without We have learned you’re a nasty creature, but how strong we are without a doubt

You have made us all your slaves and captives, by separating and keeping us away from each other

You made us stay away from work, friends and relatives, You Dear Covid have underestimated our power

You think you took everything away from us, but more than ever we cherish what matters most You came in and did what you felt you must, wreaking havoc from coast to coast

It is now your time to leave us and go on your way; In loss, you have made us so much more and strong

I have one thing to you I feel I need to say, you are no longer welcome, here you don’t belong

To all I say hang in there, to all family and friends, this crisis is a crisis and it will pass Until it does, stay safe, best wishes I send, and to you Dear Covid, KISS MY BLEEP!!!

Rachel Seguin


Dear Covid, (part 2)

Three weeks of being grounded, banished to our homes Dear Covid I kindly ask you “Just leave us alone!”

Is it Monday or Tuesday? No Wednesday I think so Oh, Who the hell am I kidding, I don’t even know

I wake in the morning, clueless and blank Dear Covid, you jerk I have you to thank

One day becomes 2, then 3, then 4 I really don’t know what to do anymore

My clothes have gotten tighter, cuz my best friend is the fridge But who can resist when the cake says “come on, just a smidge”

My prettiness has become a tangled, hot mess I don’t even remember that last time I got dressed

The streets have gotten quiet, not only when we sleep All because of you, and to the low levels you steep

We will remember those taken, and we will remember you While our hearts hurt thinking of the hell you put us through

You’re still hanging around, boy you sure have some nerve But like I said before, we will flatten your curve

You’ve made friend and family gatherings, right now a thing of the past But when we can, we will all raise our glass “Dear Covid, KISS OUR BLEEP!”

Rachel Seguin









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