Stay Home Club with Jill Kennedy: May 11-17

How’s your week going? As we head into the long weekend, I’m dreaming of cottage time with my family but I’ve decided to stay home this weekend because I want to keep this physical distancing thing going. It has really worked for us so far after all!

Speaking of, Premier Ford had some big updates for us this week. We saw the State of Emergency extended til June 2nd. We also saw the announcement that Ontario will begin reopening next week on Tuesday. Phase one of reopening includes lifting restrictions on retail stores, golf driving ranges and tennis courts and on surgeries and dog grooming. It is amazing to see things slowly move back to the norm but I can’t stress enough the importance of continuing to keep 2 metres apart, washing your hands, wearing a mask if you have one and doing your part to stop the spread.


This week I’ve been doing a deep dive on classic Disney films for the nostalgia factor. I watched Aladdin and Lady and the Tramp, two of my favourite films from the collection, especially when I was a little one. You can stream these over on Disney+.


  • Zoon’s “Light Prism”

I’ve been loving the new Zoon track, Light Prism. It combines ambient sounds with catchy melodies and long instrumentals. Also they describe themselves as moccasin-gaze so how can you not give this a listen?

  • Other indie hits you don’t want to miss

Moscow Apartment’s “Meredith Palmer” and “Halfway”

Rhye’s “Beautiful” 

The Growlers’, “Dream World” and “Random Everyone”

  • Catching some performances

This week I caught some live and archived performances from our live stream guide including Radiohead and Julian Taylor. This weekend I hope to catch Anachnid and Courtney Barnett.

[Spending Time]

  • Celebrating a Kitten’s Birthday


This week, my cat Biscuit turned two! I arguably celebrate him everyday of the year, but this is a special day! He’s been a pal through a lot of big changes in my life, including my move to Ottawa and of course this social isolation as well. He is loyal like a dog but he has the sass and erratic behaviour of a cat. Happy 2nd birthday, Biscuit!

  • Establishing Work-Life Balance

I’ve been focusing on making my cozy apartment a bit more work-life balanced. Some of the changes I’ve made were simple – like hanging pictures and shelves to move some of my stuff onto the wall. I’ve also been establishing spaces within the apartment to differentiate work and leisure. You can read more about  my tips and ideas here.

What’s on your #StayHomeClub this week? Comment below.

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