Happy Social Distancing Birthday to You

My birthday is coming up this weekend and it’s been a bit of a tough one to grasp with social distancing. Each year I get all my friends together to celebrate. I just love the art of planning a party from the guest list to the food and drink menu. So this year I’m at a bit of a loss. I decided to put together some of the ideas I’ve seen my friends doing for their own big days and some that I’ve got on the docket for my own special day! 

How do you celebrate a birthday in social isolation? Here are some tips and tricks.  

Coming Together Safely

  • Party online 

The safest way to celebrate your big day is to do it online! Using apps like Zoom, Discord or HouseParty can make for a fun and easy way to get together. HouseParty gives you the option to play a few fun games as well like a Pictionary-style drawing game or a Cards Against Humanity-style game called Chips and Guac. And for those who want to try something that isn’t built into an app, games like Piccolo are great because they help all your pals get to know each other by asking sometimes very invasive questions. Although it isn’t quite the same, you can see and talk to your loved ones and celebrate the big day 

  • Host a social distancing gathering 

The weather is looking a lot better these days. If you celebrate with under 5 people in Ontario, you can come together for their special day on someone’s patio, porch or yard for a social distancing party. You can really spice it up with décor and a dress code if you want as well! 

  • Navigate an escape room together at home 

If you’ve been missing inperson gatherings where you play games and solve puzzles, not to worry! You can now enjoy an escape room experience as a group together online. There are many out there, but some stand outs include the Harry Potter escape room and the Nancy Drew escape room. More of a trivia fan? Goose Quizzes go live every night and Eventures host a Disney quiz every Friday.  

Same Same but Different 

  • Create your own outdoor festival 

For the festival lover in your life, you can create your own live streamed festival in your backyard. Set up a blanket and a little cooler with some snacks and cold drinks (maybe even a cake?) and queue up their favourite bands, stand-up comedians or movies.  

  • Deliver your favourite foods and drinks to your door 

Sweets from Sweet Castle

Chances are you can’t get that reservation you were hoping for so why not support your favourite local spot and deliver their tasty meals right to your door. Many restaurants will allow you to add on fancy drinks as well. When it comes to dessert, hit up your local faves for a special cake the birthday person will never forget. The Merry Dairy has delicious ice cream cakes on offer and Sweet Castle’s desserts will really sweeten the day.  

Bonus: If you have the proper tools and ingredients, why not create your favourite meals, drinks and desserts right at home? 

Birthday Greetings in 2020 

  • Make a video collage 

To make it extra personal, ask loved ones to send you videos of their birthday greetin

gs for the big day. You can put them together using apps like iMovie or InShot, making them easy to save and share. 

  • Choose a celebrity cameo 

For the icing on the cake, check the website Cameo to see if their favourite celebrity is available to wish them a Happy Birthday. It’s a special way to remember this year because whether Cameo planned it or not, this is the perfect app to keep the physical distancing up.  

  • Have a birthday parade 

And if all these ideas don’t seem like quite enough for your special person, ask their loved ones and best friends to drive, bike or walk by with birthday cheer. 

Some Inspiration from ELMNT’s Evening Host, Cody Coyote

In the spirit of togetherness while we’re all apart, I turned to my colleagues here at ELMNT FM for some birthday inspiration! Our evening host, Cody Coyote celebrated a birthday recently too and shared some of his ideas:

“During my birthday I made my own gluten free cake to commit to eating healthier and I spent the day playing board games with my family as well as watching movies. Another great way to connect with them was through video chat where we played Jack Box games together.” – Cody

You can tune in with Cody Coyote Monday to Friday from 8-11PM and on Sundays from 7-11AM.

How have you celebrated a birthday in these last few months? Let us know below.  

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