The Future of Festival Season

Lately it seems like you’ll get daily news of a cancelled festival or concert or even the closing of a favourite venue. What does this mean for the future of live music? 

Some concerts have opted to go drive-in style, where attendees drive up to the stage and watch performances from their cars. While this is a start, there are environmental impacts to consider with pollution from idling as well as the discomfort of hot weather while confined to a car 

As well, many people are still missing the classic festivalfeel and one company, Production Club, really wanted to find a solution to adapt to these changing times. So they invented a festival suit. 

You’re probably thinking, “A suit…at a music festival?” Well, it’s more like a half-suit and it is designed to get you as close to your pre-pandemic concert-going experience as possible without putting your health and the health of those around you at risk. It’s called the Micrashell and it features a tonne of festival essentials and some bonuses too. 

What does this suit include?   

The practical functions of the suit include a helmet and shield with a N95 filterwhich can keep 95% of airborne particles out. There are adjustable straps to keep it cozy as well as a pouch for your cellphone on your arm. When it comes to the festival feels though, this is where it gets fun – it includes speakers to get the music to you at high quietly, a camera, customizable LED lights and a pouch that resembles a classic festival feature – the fanny pack!  

How can festival lovers get one of these? 

At this point Production Club is still working on getting a physical prototype out into the world. When they do become available, they will encourage festival planners to purchase these and rent them out to attendees, sanitizing them between uses 

You can learn more about the Micrashell on the Production Club website. Check out their interview with NBC Los Angeles as well.  

 Photo Credits: Production Club

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