A snapshot shows COVID-19 present across the city

The novel coronavirus is present from Orléans to Osgoode, says Ottawa Public Health. The agency’s recent mapping shows every ward is impacted by COVID-19.  

Ottawa Public Health used data from Statistics Canada and from the 2016 census to paint a picture of how the virus has managed to spread across the city.  

While the agency stresses every single community in the nation’s capital has been touched by the pandemic, it says the data, which was mined on May 19th, cannot determine hotspots in the city.  

The data shows Rideau-Rockcliffe with the most cases, 139, and West Carleton-March with the lowest amount of cases, sitting at 51. Rural communities are expected to have lower numbers since smaller populations will have an easier time implementing physical distancing.  

The mapping also tracks how the virus has spread in long-term care homes. The pandemic has highlighted the crisis in the long-term care homes across the country. Here in Ontario, nearly half of all cases can be traced back to long-term care homes.  

There are 185 cases in long term care homes in Bay Ward and 4 cases in Osgoode. 

There are under 2,000 laboratory confirmed cases in the city but Ottawa’s top doctor, Vera Etches, has long maintained there are likely thousands more unconfirmed cases.  

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