Council votes in favour of controversial urban boundary

Hours of debate culminated in council voting in favour of the controversial urban boundary, through a virtual meeting.  

City staff have long maintained Ottawa’s urban boundary needs to be extended to accommodate the 400,000 new residents expected over the next 26 years. According to the city, this will allow for more housing outside of the Greenbelt. 

But a group of councilors suggest the public don’t want the expansion. In the day’s leading up to Wednesday’s vote, Councilors Leiper, McKenney and Menard polled over 500 residents through the firm EKOS.  

The findings noted 52 per cent of participants oppose pushing out the boundary but 31 per cent do think there should be an expansion.  

The three councilors, who often go up against the majority vote in the Chambers, were able to create favour with a few more of their peers. The boundary was approved 15-6. This means over 1,000 hectares of land specifically for development will be added around the suburbs.  

City staff are currently researching the options for adding an additional 69 and 369 hectares. Staff will bring that option back to the table once research is completed.  

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