Residents look for more support

Vulnerable residents are looking for more support through the pandemic, says the city’s general manager of the community and social services department. In a memo to city council, Donna Gay says residents expressed the need when they were visited by the Human Needs Taskforce.

The Red Cross has made over 1,400 wellness visits, specifically checking-in with residents who weren’t reached over the phone. One hundred of those residents have been linked to further support, says Gay.

She says a triage team was recently launched to support the residents who say they need more resources. This includes things like food delivery.

The city says it is working on next steps to keep up support as we brace for a second wave of COVID-19. The taskforce has plans to work with Ottawa Community Housing and expand the program for neighborhoods the city has identified as priority.

The city will also look to connect with students who school boards say they have been unable to reach since classrooms shuttered in March.

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