The Last of Us 2: A Story of Hope & Survival in the wake of COVID-19

Move over Animal Crossing, there’s a new cult favourite game to (for lack of a better term) sink your teeth into. However, it offers a much different experience.  

The Last of Us 2 is a linear horror game that is very story-driven. It has its own depiction of zombies, also known as infected, that gradually become more challenging enemies the longer they have been bitten. But the zombies are only one facet of it. The game is a mix of cinematic cut scenes right out of a feature film and challenging play sequences that blend thrilling missions. If you played the first installment of The Last of Us, this format will be familiar to you. But let’s get into what makes this game special.  

While it technically is a linear structured game, The Last of Us 2 introduces an open world component between those hardwired milestones. You’re free to explore larger open spaces on your terms. You can really enjoy the game design as you move through larger maps and find hidden supplies, collectible items and handwritten letters or clues that add to the story.  

When it comes to the missions, The Last of Us 2 is a lot more than fleeing and clearing groups of infected in lengthy combat sequences. You’ll also have to solve a lot of puzzles to get to your desired destination. This means really getting acquainted with the scenes and finding clues and ideas for how to move forward.  

Dina & Ellie

One thing The Last of Us has always done well is establish relationships. Joel and Ellie’s relationship was established in the first installment. This one continues to build on that momentum and the relationship of Ellie and a new character named Dina who is your right-hand person through many of the missions. By focusing on a handful of characters, the player becomes easily acquainted and tied to their goals and struggles too. That said, for every lengthy action sequence, there’s either a heart-wrenching or heart-warming cut scene to compliment it so prepare to get right into the feels with this one.  

In the wake of COVID-19, The Last of Us 2 offers a story of survival through trials and tribulations. There is a thrill and a rush to it, but the storyline itself plays out like a film. If you can handle the spook factor, it offers a deep storyline that will stay with you for years. But make sure to play The Last of Us before you touch the sequel. You’ll be glad you did! 

What other videogames have been getting you through these days at home? Drop a comment below!  

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