Stay Home Club with Jill Kennedy: June 22-28

How are you doing this week? The drop in temperatures has been more than welcome. It’s nice to open up the windows wide and let the fresh air in! If you’re looking for some upcoming plans, the Ottawa Fringe Festival announced it will be going online this week and next. If you want to check out some live performances on your day off, Riit, William Prince and many more will be performing at Canada Day House Party. And when it comes to what to watch, listen to and how to spend time, I’ve got my list of Stay Home Club recommendations below! 


I’ve been burning through the latest season of Queer Eye which is available on Netflix. It’s always a pleasure to hang with the Fab 5 as they help guide people in the right direction with fashion, home decor, grooming but most importantly, their confidence and facing some of those challenging moments head on.


This is in no way a shameless plug but I checked out the ELMNT FM Block Party hosted by the Juiceman and DJ Glenn Knight last Saturday night and it was full of bangers new and old! They even had the Venga Boys, “Vengabus” in the mix! If you want to live it up from the comfort of home, tune in Saturday night  from 10PM-1AM.

[Spending Time]

Last of Us 2

This week my partner and I got the Last of Us 2 for Playstation 4. We’ve been enjoying the cinematic energy of it all and getting spooked by the creepy zombies and other enemies you have to face. If you want to learn more about it, I shared some more details here.

What’s on your #StayHomeClub list this week? Drop a comment below!


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