July’s Pokémon GO Festival Bringing Fans Together at a Distance

Have you been feeling extremely nostalgic for your childhood these days? Late 90s and early 2000s favourite, Pokémon is bringing fans together for a festival that includes two days of fun. The Pokémon GO Festival will present trainers with a research challenge that they have ten hours to complete. Not to worry, as it’s totally virtual so you can join in from wherever you call home. 

Day one is all about working as a global team to collect and send gifts to friends. On the first day, you’ll also get to explore five different habitats inspired by fire, water, grass, battle and friendship. You even get the chance to encounter 75 types of Pokémon in the wild. Day two has been left a surprise!  

And a nice bonus is whether you’ve purchased a festival ticket or not, you can buy a Pokémon GO festival t-shirt 

Tickets to the festival are $14.99 USD, which is about twenty Canadian dollars per trainer.  

You can start filling your Pokédex on July 25th and 26th between 10:00AM to 8:00PM local time!  

Click here for more information. 


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