Live Music is Coming Back to the City: LIVE! on Elgin Re-Opening July 31st

If there’s a live show you want to check out, one venue in the city is offering a concert experience and it isn’t even a drive in! Music venue LIVE! on Elgin have come up with a brand-new way for you to enjoy live music once again.  

A new setup: 

LIVE! on Elgin has been given permission to open up at 30% occupancy. This means that they can host 27 concert-goers at a time. They want to make sure the performing bands are getting a good-sized crowd so instead of selling individual tickets, organizers will sell advance group tickets to tables of 4 or 5 patrons. They ask you to attend with members of your social bubble only.

And as has come to be expected in the capital, you will need to wear a mask while inside. If you don’t bring one, one will be provided for you. The venue will not accept cash. Aa a result, all merch orders need to be done prior to the concert. The merch will be at your designated table when you arrive.

Although it may look a little different, live music is slowly making its way back into the capital!   

LIVE! on Elgin will re-open on July 31st. You can buy your tickets here

Image Credits: LIVE! On Elgin

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