Halloween will likely look different in Ottawa this year

The beloved spooky autumn celebration of Halloween will likely look different this year. Ottawa’s top doctor, Vera Etches, says she believes we will continue to live with COVID-19 into the fall. Dr. Etches suggests trick-or-treating is likely off the table because candy bowls are high risk in the transmission of COVID-19. However, that doesn’t mean you and your kids can’t dress up and collect candy.

How to celebrate Halloween during a pandemic

Although it will feel different and might take a bit of explaining to your little ones, you can create new traditions as a family. Dr. Etches suggested costume parades and scavenger hunts. You and your community could safely take part in a Halloween parade. In the same vein as birthday parades, this will allow you to keep your distance while showing off your creative costumes too. The most important part for many is the candy factor of course! You could consider setting up a scavenger hunt within your household or your social bubble with many sweet treats as the prizes.

Do you have a safe, socially distant alternative to trick-or-treating? Let us know below.

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