Stay Home Club with Jill Kennedy: September 7-13

Happy autumn! I always associate Labour Day with summer’s end and this year is no exception. We’re not even halfway through September and I’m wearing a heavy sweater, long pants and slippers at home! How many layers are you rocking? This week, we got advice from Premier Ford to plan to nix trick or treating and look for safer alternatives to Halloween. I know it’s two months out, but I get his point, because COVID-19 cases are up in Ontario and Ottawa has been called out for being one of the hot spots. With that said, let me hook you up with some ideas to stay safe at home with your bubble!  


Have you been looking for some new TV to sink into? You should check out seasons one and two of Netflix’s, Trinkets. The teen drama show follows the lives of three unlikely pals who meet due to a common but problematic past time: stealing. And these characters will also steal your heart too, because you get to learn and grow with them. If you love drama, there’s no shortage of that! Like most YA storylines, it spills into every moment.   


You guessed it, I’m back with yet another true crime podcast! If you haven’t had a chance to check out Dirty John by Wondery and the LA Times, it follows the shady and strange story of John Michael Meehan and how he affected the lives of the Newall family, among many others. It may be frustrating to listen to, but it will certainly captivate you.  

[Spending Time] 

This week, I played a domino-based game called Mexican Train, where the objective is to get rid of all your dominos in your draw before another player does. Otherwise, you want to end up with the least amount of points! Your position in the game can turn really quickly. In one game, I ended up with nearly 400 points.  

What have you got on your Stay Home Club this week? Drop a comment below.  


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