Stay Home Club with Jill Kennedy: September 21-27

It’s been an interesting week in the capital. Cases are way up and we are on the cusp of moving from Code Orange to Code Red, which would likely involve a huge move backwards from the progress and the reopenings we’ve seen in the city. While Dr. Vera Etches doesn’t want to make that move because it will hurt the economy, it is still a possibility. So, I’m going to make like a bear and hibernate! Here are a few things I’ve been up to to help you with your Stay Home Club activities! 


Missing festival season this year? Well, now you can tune in from anywhere during the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival’s Virtual ROO-ality concert series that takes place until Saturday, September 25th. Some of this weekend’s acts include new and old sets from The xx, Tears for Fears, Run the Jewels, James Brown and The White StripesThe concerts begin at 5:30 PM EST each night.  


Sylvan Esso released their third studio album, Free Love, leading into the weekend. If you love electronic tunes with fun and upbeat vocal stylings, check this out! My favourite track is the single, “Ferris Wheel” which has a cute music video I’d recommend. Check it out here. 

[Spending Time] 

I’ve been hooked on yet another video game! Have you ever played Crusader Kings? Well the third installment in the series came out earlier this month and needless to say, I’m all in. You get to role play as a medieval character who is trying to get into royal power by any means possible. You can wage wars, blackmail people and get into some complicated love triangles…or octagons? I’m not sure yet. Either way, it’s a tonne of fun. People who have played earlier installments like this version a lot more because each character has specific traits and if you make decisions that go against those traits, your character will suffer. I’m probably not selling this that well, am I? Whether this is your thing or not, it’s endless hours of strategy and amusement. 

What are you up to this weekend and how are you staying busy but safe? Drop a comment below  

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