Stay Home Club with Jill Kennedy – October 5-11

Happy autumn and happy Halloween month! How’s it going? Dr. Vera Etches has encouraged us to put our Thanksgiving and long weekend plans on hold to stop the spread of COVID-19. Unfortunately, it is spreading quite a bit. This week has seen a spike in cases once again and a record breaking high on Thursday with over 180 new cases reported in the capital. As a result, new restrictions are in place starting tomorrow for the next 28 days. But that doesn’t mean we can’t keep safe and busy too. There’s plenty to enjoy in the capital this month including the Downie Wenjack Fund’s DWF Live series and The Festival of Small Halls. If you need some immediate weekend plans, I’ve put together a few ideas for things you can get up to at home and/or a safe distance!  


I’ve been making my way through 31 scary movies to really mark October! I’m going one a day and so far I’ve seen everything from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to Misery to Halloweentown! If you want to see my daily horror movie microreviews, head to my Twitter page! 

And if horror isn’t your thing – I get it, trust me – there are plenty of other great things to check out, including Jade Turner’s new show, Sunday Coffee 


On the hunt for some tunes? I’ve been enjoying the indie sounds of the UK’s, The Clientele this week. It’s the perfect fall soundtrack! If you like The Beatles and emo music, that pretty much sums up The Clientele.   

[Spending Time] 

Technically this isn’t an “at home” activity, but it still fits the bill for social distancing fun! Last weekend I got a chance to check out the Log Cabin Orchard in Osgoode. It’s about a 30-40 minute drive outside the city and it’s super cute. You can pick apples of course – I got a bag of Empire apples. They are extra delicious. But it doesn’t stop there, because they have fresh churros, hot drinks, apple cider and candy apples you can enjoy. You can also warm up by the fire too! Now I’m thinking I might have to make a trip out again soon before apple-picking season ends.  

What’s on your Stay Home Club this week? Comment below! 


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