Stay Home Club with Jill Kennedy: October 12-18

Hey, how’s it going? You might be feeling a little at odds this week, with the go-ahead for trick-or-treating coming from Canada’s top doctor, while here in the capital, Dr. Etches is encouraging you to stay in. In that vein, we have a few weeks ahead of us where non-essential trips are discouraged, so I’ve rounded up some ideas to keep you busy and safe!  


Call me late to the party, but I’ve finally hopped on the wagon to Schitt’s Creek! Part of the lateness is because I don’t like waiting for new seasons to air and prefer to binge-watch it all at once. Anyway, I’ve been enjoying the comforting yet hilarious family of Roses with their wit and charm – along with several embarrassing moments. It’s somehow heartfelt and comedic all at once without the laugh track – and it’s filmed in Canada too. Unimportant side note: I cry at least once a binge-watch.  


Looking for some new music? I’m always on the lookout! This week I’ve been revisiting the Polaris Music Prize’s 10 short listed albums from artists including nêhiyawak, U.S. Girls and Lido Pimienta. It’s an eclectic mix of genres and lived experiences. The Polaris Music Prize will be awarded on Monday, so you can use this weekend to check out all the albums!

[Spending Time] 

This weekend, I’ve got plans to check out the Secret Path Week events in commemoration of Chanie Wenjack and Gord Downie. Artists Tom Wilson and Twin Flames go live Friday, October 16th at 8 PM as part of the remembrance. You can tune in virtually for $8-10.  

What’s on your Stay Home Club this weekend? Comment below.  

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