William Prince’s Gospel First Nation is a Nostalgic Ode to Home

William Prince gave us not one, but two albums in 2020! His new album, Gospel First Nation, came out October 23rd on Six Shooter Records. 

The album is a gospel country record inspired by his childhood home on Peguis First Nation in Manitoba. Prince returned home to his First Nation during the pandemic to find comfort amidst all the uncertainty. He got to writing to air these feelings and what came out of it was an ode to home and a celebration of the songs he’d learned growing up. 

Gospel First Nation features mostly gospel covers, including one called “This One I Know, which was originally written by his father who was a preacher. It also includes three original songs, including the title track.

You’ll hear the title track, “Gospel First Nation”, here on ELMNT FM.

You can listen to the album here.

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