Afternoon News: Wednesday, October 28, 2020

COVID-19 Ottawa:

Ottawa Public Health confirms there are 78 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Capital Wednesday.

Active cases have dropped again though, down to 698. Throughout the pandemic, 6772 cases have been confirmed here, with 317 deaths, and 5,757 cases resolved.

COVID-19 Ontario:

Across the province, 834 new cases, and five more deaths are being reported.

72,885 cases have been confirmed in Ontario during the pandemic, with 3,108 deaths, and 62,303 cases resolved.

Mask Bylaw Extended…Again:

It looks like we will have to mask up before entering a public space in Ottawa for a little while longer.

City Council voted Wednesday morning in favour of extending its mandatory mask bylaw to early next year. The fine for violating the bylaw is $240.

Meanwhile, Council  also committed to exploring different approaches when it comes to how the city responds to mental health calls.

It passed a motion to develop a mental health strategy that will aim to reduce police involvement in mental health crisis responses. The public will be encouraged to provide input on the plan, which will be developed over the course of the next three years.

Ottawa Police Launching Another Neighbourhood Resource Team:

Ottawa Police will launch yet another Neighbourhood Resource Team this week.

This NRT will be deployed in Centretown.

The teams, which were first launched in other areas of the city around this time last year, include frontline, community police, school resource, and traffic service officers for a more holistic approach to policing.

Saulteaux-Cree Politician Elected in Saskatchewan:

A Saulteaux-Cree politician has been elected to the Saskatchewan Legislature.

Betty Nippi-Albright from Kinistin First Nation, took the riding of Saskatoon Centre. Nippi-Albright also attended a residential school.

She says she will be advocating for mental health, addictions services and employment opportunities. Click here for more.

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