Pandemic Move

If you didn’t know, I bought my first home recently, and I have been sharing my experiences on air. The buying part was a fun but stressful experience in this market, but I didn’t expect the moving part to be such a challenge too!

I officially move out of my apartment today! Despite reserving a moving truck over 6 weeks ago we found out yesterday morning that our two options were either pick up a truck two hours away or get no truck at all. When you have an elevator booked for a certain time, need somewhere to securely keep your things for 3 days until you move into your house and are moving on one of the most popular weekends in recent history, this was not good news. We frantically called around to different companies in Ottawa but with less than 24 hours notice everything was booked up. Funny enough, a friend on Facebook yesterday posted that she too was told the day before her move that she wouldn’t get a truck from this company either.

Luckily we found a friend who could lend us a trailer and local family to help us along the way too. I know other people would not have been so lucky. Even though we’ve had some bumps, I look forward to calling my very first house a home. So I want to know, what is your horror moving story? Let me know in the comments!

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