Afternoon News: Monday, November 2, 2020

COVID-19 Ottawa:

Ottawa Public Health is reporting 65 new, confirmed COVID-19 cases Monday.

7197 cases have been confirmed in the Capital throughout the pandemic, with 750 active, and 6119 resolved. 328 people in the city have died from COVID-19, though no new deaths were reported Monday.


Ottawa Public Health is urging all of us to stay COVID-wise, and are sharing a concerning example as a reason why.

OPH says an unspecified indoor sports practice has lead to 60 people contracting the Novel Coronavirus over a two and a half week period. It also forced another roughly 110 people to self-isolate.

These cases created seven other outbreaks, including two at schools, and another at a daycare.

COVID-19 Ontario:

Across the province there are 948 new cases, and seven new deaths due to the virus.

Ontario has now recorded 77,655 cases in total, with 3,152 deaths, and 66,407 cases resolved.

Inclement Weather Closes Testing Site:

Mother nature thwarted dozens of people in our city from getting a COVID test Monday morning.

The Ottawa Hospital announced late in the morning that the drive-thru Assessment Centre off Coventry Road was closed for the day due to the strong winds. It’s expected to re-open Tuesday.

Pharmacy Chain Out of Flu Shots:

A major pharmacy chain has temporarily paused its flu shot program in Ontario due to what it describes as ongoing supply issues.

Rexall says they are making all efforts to secure more doses soon. Vaccine supply is determined and allocated by the Ministry of Health.

Fire Causes Critical Injuries:

A fire inside a Centretown apartment building has left a woman in her 70’s in hospital with critical injuries.

Crews were called to the building on Laurier, near Bay, just after noon Monday, and found the woman unresponsive in the affected unit. They were able to put out the fire about 30 minutes later, though it’s not clear yet what sparked it.

Bushby Trial Begins:

A trial is under way in Thunder Bay for a man accused of tossing a trailer hitch at an Indigenous woman who died five months later.

Brayden Bushby pleaded guilty Monday to aggravated assault but not guilty to manslaughter in the death of 34-year-old Barbara Kentner.

A Crown lawyer told court that evidence will prove the injuries suffered by Kentner in January 2017 contributed to her death.

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