What Are You Doing For The Holidays This Year?

A lot of people have been hesitant to go into malls and stores for their holiday shopping and have turned to doing so online. It’s completely understandable, we’re in a global pandemic and your safety comes first! The biggest question for this holiday season is: what will you do in terms of holiday gatherings and giving each other gifts?

Will you do this online? Will you meet in a driveway or park to exchange gifts? Will you drop off gifts at loves ones’ houses and leave shortly afterwards?

These are all valid questions that we’ve heard and when it comes to finding the best answer, that’s up to you! In regards to some gift ideas, perhaps we should give out masks and hand sanitizer to folks who are in need of that. People could probably really use some extra Zhoonah (Money) during this time so electronic money transfers, cash or gift cards are never a bad idea.

Let’s all brainstorm on some ideas together and I’m sure collectively we can come up with something! What are you doing for the holidays this year?

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