Sparking Holiday Joy in Ottawa’s Long-Term Care Homes

This Christmas, more than ever, vulnerable communities could use our help. Longterm care homes have been some of the hardest hit spaces during the pandemic. That’s why Kyle Shea’s “The Lived Experience Initiative” is striving to make a difference. He has created a campaign to raise $1000 in funds to put towards gifts for residents of longterm care homes. Donations could go towards things like board games, puzzles, books and stuffed animals. The goal is to make this holiday season special and create moments of joy for residents. 

Ottawa is home to seventeen longterm care homes. COVID-19 has not only effected residents’ physical health, but their mental health, too. For many, loneliness has set in. Visits from family and friends have been few and far between in hopes of decreasing the spread of the virus. If you’d like to donate or spread the word, check out The Lived Experience Initiative’s GoFundMe page. 

In case you missed it, there are other awesome local initiatives to spread joy this holiday season, including Be a Santa to a Senior 



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