Stay Home Club with Jill Kennedy – November 16 to 22

Happy Friday! How’s your week going? I usually start these off with a week of weather in review, but it’s simply getting too unpredictable! I’ve worn my parka more than once this week, so that’s saying something. Cool temperatures are ideal for my favourite thing these days: staying home!! Speaking of, here’s a few ideas to keep you busy this week.  


This week, I cracked open a book for the first time in a while! My book of choice: Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty which has been turned into a beloved HBO Series. If you don’t know much about it, it follows a group of Australian moms whose young kids all attend the same school. When someone dies in their community, things get a little suspect. Could it be a tragic accident or a murder? We’ll have to see!  

Mattmac stands with headphones on and keyboard in hands with a black background

Mattmac Image Credit: Mattmac


In case you missed it, Mattmac dropped his debut album, 20/20 today! It’s a collection of trap-pop tunes with themes of relationships, love, growing up and isolation during this odd time. My favourite track off 20/20 is “Break Me Down.” We got a chance to speak with Mattmac about his album. Check it out here 


I started watching Glee for the second or third time this week. I’ve only ever watched episode one until now. I was feeling nostalgic for high school and also craved a musical. It’s the perfect combo! Do I like it? I’m not sure, just yet. Also, not sure why I added another show to my “currently watching list”, which includes Bob’s Burgers, Twin Peaks, Kath & Kim and Seinfeld 

[Spending Time] 

This week I got most of my Christmas decorating done! I glowed up from the little tree I had for my apartment and got a taller tree that lights up my place. It’s just missing one thing – a star! Or an angel…I haven’t been able to find one that I like or one that doesn’t come tumbling off the tree just yet.  

What’s on your Stay Home Club this week? Comment below. 

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