Tips to protect your package deliveries this holiday season

How did you do with Black Friday yesterday? Did you end up getting all your Christmas shopping done? Maybe at least got something to spoil yourself? Perhaps you wanted to skip the lines and do some shopping online. If that’s the case we have to keep in mind that there are some grinches out there. You know what I mean – also known as ‘porch pirates’…

As frustrating as it may be, having your packages stolen from your porch is a very real risk, especially around the holidays. So, if you’re shopping this weekend or doing your Christmas shopping over the next month, here are just a few pointers to consider to keep your package safe!


 1. Have your package sent to a trusted neighbour, relative or friend that you know will be home

Many online retailers will provide an estimated delivery date. Check with a family member or close neighbour to see if they will be home around that time.

2. Have your package delivered to your work 

This is most likely an easy one simply because it’s going to a location that is more secure and there is always someone there to receive it for you. Maybe just make sure you tell your boss or coworkers you’re expecting a package.

3. Take advantage of the “Ship to Store” option 

Many retail stores do have the choice to ship directly from the vendor to a local store location. Not only that but ask the retailer if it comes faster to the store rather than your home address because in some cases that is true! You should be notified by email or phone when your product is in. They usually ask for ID when you arrive, just FYI.

 4. Send your package to your local post office for pick up. 

This way is easy and most companies have this option! I’ve tried this before with Canada Post and it’s so simple. Again, make sure to bring ID!

 5. Outdoor camera 

This is an interesting way to catch a thief red-handed. Hopefully porch pirates will be deterred by seeing the camera, but if not, you have video evidence to report the situation.

6. Specify instructions in delivery 

In some cases when you order online, there may be a section during check-out where you can specify delivery instructions. For example, if you have a side door, you can put in the instructions to deliver there rather than the front door so it’s less obvious.

7. Motion activated light 

Now these are good for two reasons: A) a light at night when you walk up to your house and B) to scare off porch pirates! We don’t want them!

So, for your next online order maybe consider these ideas. It might just save your package. On my last note, keep in mind most online orders will give you an ESTIMATED delivery date. Don’t expect it to be exactly that day, but companies try their best to be as accurate as possible. Especially this year with Covid-19 it’s expected to be very busy for deliveries around Christmas. Hope this helps!

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