Stay Home Club with Jill Kennedy: November 30 – December 6

Happy December! After a wild Black Friday weekend, it feels like the holidays are coming in strong. I’m not sure if my gifts will get delivered on time… but here’s hoping. On the real, I miss my family and friends so much right now. I’m sure you’re feeling it too. Can we just draw out Christmas till the summer so we can properly celebrate? And, can I keep my tree up until then, too? I love the ambiance! If you want some ideas for what to do during this strange holiday season, check out my Stay Home Club below!


On Friday, December 4, Cody Coyote dropped a new hip hop track called “Two Worlds.” Cody shared that it’s about living in a colonial world as an Indigenous person and the hurdles of being in an interracial relationship. You can really feel the passion and truth in “Two Worlds.” Check it out:  


Do you love chess? Whether the answer is yes or no, Queen’s Gambit is a must-watch. The seven-episode series follows the fictional story of Beth Harmon, a female chess player in the 1950s and 60s. Of course, that was unheard of at the time. But there’s more: Beth is an orphan who copes with trauma in a scary way. I won’t say too much more! However, I will say, 10/10 – would recommend. Check it out on Netflix. 

[Spending Time] 

I’ve been re-discovering my love of games I played in the past. One of those is Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch. It checks all my boxes – it’s got puzzles, battles and fun and intricate maps. Most importantly, though, it features a cute squad of characters like Mario, Cappy the Hat, Toad, Peach and more! It’s the perfect adventure story, and beyond the main plot, there is a lot to explore.  

What are you up to this week? Let me know your Stay Home Club picks! 

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