Aiden & Jay’s Bitter Christmas Review – The Holiday Calendar

​This movie sucked.

There.  You have your TLDR, decision making sentence that may save you the precious 95 minutes of your life that could be spent doing something more productive.
Like staring at a wall, or perhaps laying on the cold bare floor.
Now, if you only came to read this to find that out, you are dismissed, and I hope you use your extra 95 minutes watching something worthy of your time.
If, somehow, you actually came to read this just to find out how much misery I had to experience, and perhaps you delight in such things, well, here you go.
The movie follows Abby Sutton and Josh Barton.
Two close friends who are both photographers and have been best friends for quite some time, and I would say that is the one thing that this movie got right. The lack of romantic chemistry between Quincy Brown and Kat Graham was reminiscent of siblings.
Of course, we also have the magical Calendar that was an heirloom passed down from Abby’s grandfather to her, which is able to slightly predict the future over the course of the 25 days to Christmas.
Don’t get too attached to the calendar though…the idea barely takes off before the calendar is forgotten. You need to sit through watching someone slowly drive their career and love life into the ditch before you get to see it again.
But don’t worry, it will be there near the end, just to tie some painful loose ends of a shoddy script back together so the two main characters can experience love. Awkward, cold, and unconvincing love.
And by the way, the casting issues didn’t stop at the brother/sister love pairing of this story, but also included some weird choices.
The grandfather role was played by a man that could have passed for 50.
Turns out the man in question was Ron Cephas Jones, who is the crisp old age of 63.
The main character is in her late 20s!! That is some bad math there. But that is not all!
Abby’s father is played by Romaine Waite, and while I was unable to find his official age online after minimal searching, I can only assume he is not much north of 40. Dude looked FRESH.
All in all, I would caution you to avoid this empty husk being paraded around as entertainment.
It did not leave me feeling entertained or Christmas-y.
In fact, my daughter, who enjoys watching shows about cartoon unicorns thought this sucked.
Even my wife, who somehow can find the positives in anything, including me, wrote this off as a horrendous way to spend 95 minutes.
0 out of 5 poo emojis.
PS – two lines from the movie that perfectly describe how bad it was –
“It’s you. It has always been you.”
“The holiday calendar watches over you.”

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