Restaurants in and around Ottawa making Christmas dinner this year, so you don’t have to!

Let’s face it, some of us get stressed during the holidays. Having to prepare a massive Christmas meal can make that more stressful, especially when there is that one person in the family who actually likes cranberry sauce so you have to run to the grocery store one last time so everyone’s happy. You are cooking right until the last minute, when finally, the turkey is in the oven, the gravy is piping hot, the stuffing is steaming, and all within a matter of minutes, dinner is over. You’ve prepped for hours and bam, within the blink of an eye you have this huge mess to clean.

Okay that’s what I imagine cooking Christmas dinner to be like on a normal non-pandemic year. But the reality is that this year under Covid-19 restrictions, we are going to have to stay away from gatherings outside of our household. But wait, this blog isn’t about to get sad. Think of it as a good thing. Now you don’t have to cook, prepare, stress and clean this year! I just wish there was a way that Christmas dinner could pop up magically. Oh, wait there is, and right here in Ottawa. And bonus, you can support local at the same time.

Many restaurants this year in and around Ottawa are making Christmas dinner meals for one, two or for the household, and many are delivering it right to your doorstep! I won’t lie, I’m so relieved as this idea makes perfect sense this year. So, I’ve made a list of restaurants that are providing take-out Christmas dinners!


NeXT: Now if you’re looking for a fancier type of Christmas meal check out neXT restaurant on Hazeldean. If you have a big household this may be a good option because their meal feeds up to 10 people! You get a cooked free-range turkey, stuffing, roasted garlic and rosemary mashed potatoes, maple squash, apple crumble pie and more! You can order in advance, and pick up between December 19 and 26.

Chances R: Now this place is right beside Algonquin College in College Square. They are open on Christmas Eve and Day for takeout! December 25 is already sold-out so contact them soon! You will get turkey, chef salad, honey-glazed carrots, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy, and your choice of either Skor chocolate-chip cheesecake or chocolate mousse cake. This is good for 1, 2, 4 or 6 people and you have to book online before December 22.

Cyranos: This place includes freshly carved turkey, both white and dark meat, along with a house-made baguette, creamy mashed potatoes, herb stuffing, oven roasted Brussel sprouts, and steamed green beans.

Brasseurs du Temps
 Now for our listeners in Gatineau, but still close to Ottawa, you have to check out Brasseurs du Temp’s menus. I have eaten there many times, and was never disappointed. Their Christmas menu includes squash soup, smoked-salmon blinis, beef Wellington, cranberry-orange beignets and more. Order by December 17 to be picked up between December 21 and 23, or December 28 and 30.

Riveria: Located on Sparks Street, their take-out Christmas dinner for 2 includes roasted turkey breasts, a side of Brussel sprouts with bacon and carrots, whipped potatoes, and for dessert you get Creme Brûlée. You can order and pick-up December 22 and 23. The 24th is already sold out!


So, whether you’re eating solo, with a loved one or your household family, I know that this pandemic can already be stressful enough. You deserve a load off, a stress-free mind and perhaps most importantly, to avoid the dreaded after-dinner mess. Because this holiday may be tough, and you deserve a break, place your orders for a Christmas dinner take-out while supporting local. You can also contact one of your favourite local restaurants, they might be in the same boat and may be doing Christmas dinner take-out as well! Keep in mind they need you too!

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