Stay Home Club with Jill Kennedy: January 11-17

Happy weekend! This week has brought a state of emergency and a stay-at-home order to Ontario to bring down COVID-19 cases.  Some of the guidelines are a little tricky, so I’ve been sticking to my motto: when in doubt, stay home! We made a cheat sheet for you, too: 

Other than those reasons, you should be staying in. If you need some stay-at-home inspiration, I’ve got you covered.  


I’m continuing my re-watch of the surreal soap opera, Twin Peaks. I’ve made it to the third and final season – for now, anyway. The third season takes place 25 years after season 2. Without saying too much, there are a lot of surprises, new characters and old ones. It’s also a few notches weirder than the first two seasons. Check out the entire show on Crave. 


This weekend I’ll be reading Yolanda Bonnell’s play, bug, which I am thankful to have learned about through the Our Stories: Indigenous Book Club hosted by the Ottawa Public Library and NAC Indigenous Theatre. Each month from January till June, a selected work by an Indigenous author will be the focus of an online discussion, followed by a virtual chat with the author. It’s free to take part.  


Fickle Friends released a LP on Friday, January 15th called Weird Years (Season 1). It features five thoughtful power pop tracks. The stand outs for me are “Million” and “IRL.” Check it out wherever you stream music! 

[Spending Time] 

If you have a Nintendo Switch, I’d highly encourage you to get Mario Party! It’s been an absolute joy for my partner and I. Yes, we spend a lot of time shouting at Bowser and Wario, but the mini-games and competitive board game format make it a great pandemic investment.  

What’s on your Stay Home Club this week? Drop a comment below! 

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