Guide to Lockdown Grocery Shopping

One of the few things we are able to do during the stay-at-home order is to pick up our groceries and our pharmaceutical goods. We put together a list of ways to keep your shopping trips as safe and healthy as possible!  

Try to go as little as possible 

The fewer trips out you make, the better! This lessens the chances of the virus spreading. We have a few ideas for how to make this possible too: 

  • Buy in bulk, separate into smaller portions and freeze what you can 
  • Plan the following week’s meals in advance so you can pick up all the required ingredients  

Keep a running grocery list 

Whether it’s a shared digital document or a list on the fridge, keep a list, so you don’t forget any essentials when you do your household grocery run.  

Designate one member of your household as the shopper 

To limit the spread of COVID-19 , choose one family member to head to the shops. You can even have one family member wait outside or in the car to help with bringing the groceries home while the other does the shopping. We know this isn’t always possible, as single parents and those who require help shopping will attest. But if it is possible, this could make a real difference 

Shop during off-hours 

To avoid long lines and chilly waiting times, the best times to shop are early mornings and late evenings* during the week. Steer clear during the weekend as that is when many people hit the shops.  

*Some shops may offer the first or last open hour to seniors and those with immuno-compromised systems so make sure to check before you head out.  

Support mom-and-pop shops 

Small businesses could use our help right now more than ever. Make a stop at the neighborhood’s small grocery store if you can. The amount of people shopping will be much less as only a certain number can go into a smaller space at one time. It’s also the perfect way to support local!  

If you only need a handful of things, try your pharmacy or convenience store 

Many pharmacies and convenience stores offer the essentials like eggs, butter, milk and bread. This will likely be a much shorter trip than a grocery store run.   

Order online or opt for curbside pickup  

If you would rather not go into a store at all, why not try curbside pickup or an online grocery ordering service? This will allow you to safely pick up items from non-essential businesses too, such as hardware stores.  

Wash your groceries 

Besides the usual rinse of fruits and veggies, you might consider washing everything else you bring home as well. That could mean removing goods from cardboard boxes or even letting non-perishables sit for a few days before touching them.  

Make it all into one trip 

At the end of the day, you want to limit your trips out as much as possible. If you can lump your grocery and pharmacy run all into one, that’s the best way to keep it safe! 

What are your grocery shopping tips and tricks? Drop a comment below! 


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