Bernie Makes a Fashion Non-Statement

Bernie Sanders arrived at Wednesday’s inauguration ceremony as per usual. He’s known to dress a little frumpy on a good day. However, his latest fashion choice – a beige parka and a pair of very big mittens, drew a lot of sartorial attention. People were quick to praise him for his weather-sensible dressing choice. And we don’t blame him! It was a cold and windy Wednesday afternoon at Biden’s inauguration. Others praised him for going against the norm for his authentic ‘I’m-too-busy-doing-important-things-to-be-worrying-about-such-trivialities-as-clothes-and-hair’ approach. Others still took to the internet to do what they do best: generate memes.  

Here are a few memes we thought were exceptionally good.  

When you’re invited to a party, you’d…

Bernie yet again demonstrating how we’ve all felt at some point 


Bugs Bunny or Bernie? Can you tell the difference?

Bernie wondering when lunch will be served  


This Instagram post nails what third-wheeling can feel like


Why does it feel like Bernie Sanders is an uncle to us all?


This is Kayla Whiteduck’s favourite and it takes a twist on William Prince’s album cover

Even Jim Watson got in on the fun!





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